blackwork · embroidery

blackwork on my hoop…

I charted a blackwork project based on the Golden Ratio. The easiest way for me to understand it is with this image:


So I spent a week or so with Excel and some blackwork pattern references – the RSN Book Blackwork Essential Stitch Guide and String-Or-Nothing’s Ensamplario Atlantio – and came up with my own pattern. I’m doing straight instead of curved lines. And each box will have two different patterns. I’ve tried to pick simpler ones for the “outside” parts of each box, and more complex ones for the “inside” parts.


Here’s the pattern for the 450×450 square:


I started the project last night, and here’s the progress so far:


It’s going to be a BIG piece when it’s complete – the cut size on the linen was 32″x 22.25″. I’m using 28-ct Cashel Linen in Antique White and Soie d’Alger Black Silk Thread.

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