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so many projects…

I’ve recently decided to start sewing my own clothes again.  As a fat girl, it’s really hard to find anything I like that fits and doesn’t make me feel like a grandma.  In my 20’s I sewed the majority of my own clothes, and for some reason I stopped in my 30’s…

So I’ve purchased a “few” new patterns…

Cashmerette – I’m thrilled at the sizes the patterns come in.  Other than adjusting for length, I’m hoping I won’t have to do a whole lot of tweaks.

I have some linen I bought last year that I plan to use for the Upton dress, and possibly for the Lenox as well.

Also – Vogue on-line has a $4.99 pattern sale going on.  Here’s what I ordered today (yes I want to make myself a couple vintage-style aprons).

I’ve also decided to try my hand at quilting.  My BFF gave me a couple charm packs and a book for Christmas/Birthday.  I decided the first project I want to make is a large sleeve to store my light box in – just need to decide on the pattern.

But the REAL first step is to get some maintenance on my sewing machine (an old-assed Kenmore) – it hasn’t been checked over since FOREVER, and I’m sure it needs a little TLC.

I’ve been doing a little knitting as well – I’ve been working on the Lauriel Cardi by Ysolda Teague.   I’m almost done with the body, and I’m ready to start on the sleeves.  It’s a lovely pattern and I’m VERY happy with it and the yarn I chose (a silk-merino blend).  Pics to come…

For the last couple years I’ve been struggling with depression/anxiety, but I think I’m finally coming around thanks to docs and meds.  So I’m hoping my actual sewing/knitting/crafting will kick into a higher gear!


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